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For the past week I pulled the trigger on a new venture, with an old project. I have decided to go all in and make the comic that I have been trying to get published for years now. Its name:“Broke! The Heroic Adventures.” What it is comic and why now?

Well years ago, before I graduated with my bachelors, I played a game called City of Heroes. It was a superhero MMO. I would team up with a friend, Antonio Flores II, and we would go on missions. I played more than he did so my level was higher, but I could still bring him on high level missions. We would crack jokes at the situations we got into and the enemies fought. One day he got killed/knocked out in a mission in hilarious fashion and I had the spark of an idea. I drew it up laughing and showed it to him and over the course of time we came up with the ideas and characters for a comic book. That book evolved into “Broke! The Heroic Adventures” a comic about two guys who become superheroes to pay rent. So why now? Well I have tried for years to make this and each time it stalled.

The first time was as a project for a comic class. I had at Nossi college of art. While my knowledge for making comics was deep, my skills were not so much at the time and I didn’t finish it.

The Second time, I pitched the idea at Memphis Comic Expo. Quinn McGowan of Project Wildfire, The owner of Ka-blam, and John Cooley of Fanboy ENT. (all cool dudes btw) were all keen on the idea. I went with Fanboy Entertainment and got a contract for a 5-page backup story in a planned anthology, we got paid and then
drew it.

My skills were catching up, but I made every comic production mistake imaginable (a story for another day). However, I got it done. Then the contact morphed into its own comic! We got paid, again, and I was hyped and waiting for it to go. Then the window for the contract lapsed, and before we could renegotiate, another artist working on their own book burned bridges with the publisher before we could get started. Due to that hoopla, John decided to focus on his own stories due to logistics and issues with that guy. Tony and I are still cool with John though, and he still supports us and our project.

Fast-forward to today: I realized that if Tony and I stay passive, go the traditional routes: make the book while working on side things, find publishers, etc. the same factors that stopped us the second time would pop up again. And, if you are gonna be broke while waiting for something to happen, I might as well go for “Broke!” and make it happen. If all these other people could do it, why couldn’t we just publish it?

So now, on Juneteeth, we open our store “The Broke Store” to help fund the project we will start a podcast to make sure all our supporters will be informed on a weekly basis on our progress and answer any questions. For more info go like and subscribe to our Facebook group. Also, If you all want to help without needing merch, we also be taking donations. Thanks for reading.

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