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I want to talk about the moves I am making as in independent comic creator. The online store is live! We got the store up on time on Juneteenth, like we said we would do. It was a lot of work but its up. So with that and the donation arm we can start with our plans. The way we are going about things may seem backward on the outside looking in; however, there is a method with this semi-madness.

Everybody and there mama are doing two things: starting a Patreon or doing a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo or Kickstarter for a project, right? On paper, it makes a lot of sense: “I need funds to make a ‘thing’ and, if I give you ‘things,’ you will help me fund my ‘thing.'” There is just a glaring problem with those models that we have to address: time allotment with small teams.

With Patreon, you put yourself onto a treadmill that pulls time away from making the thing you want to make, so you can make the various perks. That becomes the job itself instead of the project

With Kickstarter, you can make one thing but if you don’t have the book project done and ready for print, funding a project does not happen with the current state of crowdfunding sites.

So we are going a different approach: Have people invest in us and the project directly, as much as we can from day one. That way there are no pretenses to the interactions between our supporters or the goal. You want a perk like merch? You can buy it from the store and that will help us pay for things while we work on the comic. You want to just give us money to donate because you want to just support us? Go to the Ko-fi.

The last thing to address is accountability. Right now we are just random names on a screen attached to the ether of the internet. However, integrity and showing your ability are the only things that matter when you start a business venture.

Wednesday we will have a podcast that we will use to address what the current goals are, honestly, and take questions about the project that anyone in the chat can ask. The format is still a work in progress, but we know we need to earn the trust of supports directly. And that is what we intend to do. #blackentrepreneurship

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