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Join The Rewards Club!

After our first successful month of participating in Pinterest’s Creative Rewards Program, we feel happy to have reached all the goals. We were able to benefit financially from it and decided to make it a monthly goal to supply part of our income and revive our TikTok account as we are also part of a rewards program on that platform. Look us up as @Leslie.braginsky

These goals can not be reached without your support & engagement as they are crucial to grow on these platforms. Since we don’t take your time and effort for granted, we decided to take out our own rewards program.
Our rewards program consists of:

The reward

Once the monthly goal has been reached and only when it is reached, you will receive in your mailbox a package with a piece of art. This can consist of a small original painting, a sketch, an intaglio print, stickers, small handmade coloring books and more… I will share during the month the process of making the piece that will be sent. It is very important to clarify, if the goals are not reached I will not be able to send the free reward, as the budget for these rewards will come from what I earn on these platforms.

How to join this program

1. DM me letting me know you want to join. I will ask you for your full name, home address & email so I can send you your monthly gifts.

1. Make sure you are following my Pinterest, TikTok & Instagram

– On Pinterest: In my newsletter I will share with you my monthly goals, for example : – Reach 10, 100 & 200 saves in an idea pin. ( I will link the pins) Although interaction with all the content is ideal. Invite your friends that you feel my art can bring happiness, follow my accounts and interact.

– On TikTok: Long story short, we trended over a year ago and got into the rewards per view program so if you can view my awesome videos until the end (please do not scroll through and like them without viewing the full video) if you can leave a comment and share them that would be ideal.

– On Instagram: Interact on my posts, reels and stories. Like, Comment and especially save and share my work. Share the love, watercolors and coloring pages with your community if you feel they will love my content and will be glad to support me too!

Anyone can join my rewards club, we will ship worldwide, share with the friends you feel will love to be included.

This program is completely FREE, the idea is to get the big companies to pay and for you and me to enjoy the rewards. As always I am beyond grateful for your love & support.

Leslie Braginsky
Aventura, USA

Leslie Braginsky is a watercolor artist, wife and mother of two. In love with rainbows, nature and the flow of colors. Inspired by the magic of life and the power of gratitude.

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