Comic Pitch Series – Knights of Rock
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“In this world, Music is Magic!”
-Knights of Rock Track 1

Hi Y’all,

So I’ve been working on a lot of different projects since May, and one that’s near and dear to my heart is finally at a point where I can showcase the work. Thanks to Darren, who is running a comic anthology for Hireillo as a way to showcase the artists that work in sequential art, I was given an opportunity to make a 3 page pitch for a long running series I’ve been working on since, wow, since high school!

The premise is that in this pseudo-medieval world, certain musicians have the power to use magic via musical instruments to transform and become knights to fight at the behest of their kingdoms. The story follows a ruffian named Porum, who dreams of being recognized as a hero in his own right and come out of his adoptive father’s shadow. His father was responsible for sealing away the demons known as “Arcana” during a great war between the neighboring kingdoms. With the weight of being forced to live up to the expectations set by the man who raised him, Porum has developed a bit of a complex about being unable to transform, and constantly seeks out skirmishes and other incidents to get into fights to show off how strong he is without armor.

His life gets turned upside down when he encounters a “Muse,” a spirit that resides in an old microphone underneath the castle. Together, Porum finally becomes able to transform and don the armor of a knight.

I hope to be able to use this as a way to showcase my skills and comic knowhow for those interested in working with me on their own projects as well.

Thanks and see you next time!

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