Illustration for Jeff Miracola’s Fantasy Illustration Intensive 2022
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Illustration done at a fantasy art workshop I attended in June run by Illustrator, Jeff Miracola with faculty that included Steve Prescott, Howard Lyon, and Aaron Miller as well as Guest Speaker Kekai Kotaki. It was a fantastic experience working with established pros and being surrounded by so many great artists. We were given a number of prompts to choose from- I chose the card art prompt that mimicked a job you might get from Wizards of the Coast (cyberpunk warrior). We went through our whole process from thumbnails to final illustration getting feedback, tips, demos throughout the week. It was truly a great opportunity and I hope to return whenever I can.

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Dominick Critelli
Dunedin, USA

Digital fantasy concept artist and illustrator. Specializing in creatures and environments.

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Dominick was hired as Lead Environmental Artist for our project. His ability to translate our requirement to visual art "on the fly" was extraordinary and impressive. He has great command of the skills necessary as a senior concept artist including the full range of Adobe products and Blender/3D Tools. After only a few short months, I offered Dominick a more important role as Art Director for the project when we needed that role filled. He continues to impress our team with his ability to create stunning visual art for our project. I highly recommend Dominick for any lead position or project!
— Maria Espino, CEO - The Last Prophecy Gaming