Kickstarter! ‘Echtrai: an art book and campaign setting’
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Hi y’all,

We’ll be launching on the 31st of July on Kickstarter! This has been a long time coming and we appreciate you all for waiting! Here’s a little snipbit of the book:

Just beyond the corner of every map lies the strange and mysterious land of Echtrai. An ancient and isolated land, Echtrai has become a magical world unto its own. Comprised of two large landmasses, a smaller central island, and a couple surrounding archipelagoes, Echtrai is a geological mystery to outsiders. Local legends attribute the shattered nature of the land to a patchwork history of stories featuring the slaying of gargantuan monsters, an ancient war between mythical beings, and a host of magical covenants. However, no matter how strange it may be, the beauty of this land cannot be denied. From the vast volcanic peaks of the Dragon’s Spine all the way down to the deep blood-stained jungle valley of Lagan Cogaidh, the landscape is as varied and wild as the adventures that can be had there.

The many tribes and factions that have carved out homes across the land now sit waiting as the thin veil of peace slowly erodes between the largest among them. The recent forceful “merger” of the Onisowo Merchant’s Guild and the Saighdear Company has created an almost unstoppable force that now seeks to challenge the power balance of Westward Lands. Meanwhile, in the Eastward Lands, the strange magics that warp and shape the land are starting to manifest in new, more dangerous ways. Of course all of this is piled on top of a regular host of issues such as: the massive floating nation of wizards that appeared, the unchecked horrors of the Necromancer Queen, and the constant danger of magical pirates off the southern coast.

You will be getting a book with over 100 pages of content and art with tons of fantastical NPC’s, monsters and magical items for your players to enjoy.

Things to note! This is a system neutral setting guide! Nothing is statted! In this book you’ll find no mention of dice, stats, or any levels. The world of Echtrai is meant to function as a system neutral sandbox-like setting for you and your players to explore. The setting is also intended to be very flexible for those running the game as well. There is a minimal amount of mapping included; things like the exact layouts of cities, locations of dungeons, and other such things are not included. Areas will be described and detailed narratively so as to best portray the feeling of the location as well as the types of adventures that could be had there. We want to let those running and playing the game have the freedom to build upon the foundations we’re presenting.

NPC and creature statblocks are instead replaced with detailed writeups comprised of histories, motivations, intentions, and combat capabilities that can be worked into your system of choice. Most faction leaders and legendary creatures will have powers unlike any of the others featured in this book, so adapting and prepping encounters with them may take more consideration than normal. If a statblock becomes necessary than feel to create custom ones or to simply “drag and drop” them from characters and creatures featured in your preferred system. Either way is sure to provide a new and exciting challenge to players.

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Thanks and hope to see you follow along!

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