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Following on from my earlier work ‘Synapse’, I wanted to explore a more surreal approach to the expressive side of my illustration. I’ve been thinking a lot about imagination and how it forms the basis of both a coping mechanism and my artistic practice. Since I was a child, I’ve always dealt with reality by escaping into my own world. Back then I think it was a way of breaking down things that were beyond my maturity level and processing them in a way that made sense to me. As an adult, I use it as a way to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

I used to think this was a bad habit, like burying my head in the sand – and in an exteme, it can be. But mostly I think it’s just a way to view reality as something with many layers, and how protective and healing this process can be. I was really inspired by how the caterpillar will melt down into a liquid inside its coccoon before emerging completely remade, as well as insect exoskeletons and turning tides for the different textures.

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I am a Freelance Illustrator based in the beautiful duchy of Cornwall, UK, with my growing menagerie of pets. I love to produce lively, immersive illustrations with a strong focus … Show more.

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