Tales of Long Ago – a work in progress
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Well, now that some pieces are finished I think its time to show the progress of one of my current projects. I have always been a great fan of fantasy and fairytales, they supported and comforted me through most of my life- aren’t supernatural “unrealistic” adventures the perfect reflections of our at times messy reality? There is so much to be said about defeating dragons in a book when facing them in reality, not to mention the sheer wonder and creativity we learn from such stories. And while the fairytales written down by the brothers Grimm or the ones by Charles Perrault are certainty the most famous ones, there are others too that deserve to be acknowledged.

My attempt is to bring some Croatian fairytales back to life again.

Tales of Long Ago (Croatian: Priče iz davnine), is a short-story collection written by the acclaimed children’s author Ivana Brlič-Mažuranić, originally published in 1916 in Zagreb. The collection is considered her masterpiece and features a series of newly written fairy tales by her, heavily inspired by motifs taken from ancient Slavic mythology of pre-Christian Croatia. The collection consists of six separate stories: How Quest Sought the Truth, Fisherman Plunk and His Wife, Reygoch, Stribor’s Forest, Little Brother Primrose and Sister Lavender and Bridesman Sun and Bride Bridekins. The collection is seen as one of the most typical examples of Ivana Brlič-Mažuranič writing style which has been compared by literary critics to Hans Christian Andersen and J.R.R. Tolkien due to the way it combines original fantasy plots with folk mythology.

The images you see are finished, but still a work in progress. There is no knowing if they’ll ever be published in a book, yet it is a pleasure working on them

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