Book Cover for ‘Twilight’ by Stephenie Meyer
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Continuing from a mini-series of YA book cover remakes, here is my rendition of the vampire romance classic! I decided to create my own cover for “Twilight” that keeps the iconic motif of the apple from the original. Using Bella’s pale silhouette as a vessel, I was able to contrast the dark and muted color palette of rainy Forks, the main setting from the novel. It was essential for me to use a limited color palette so I could immediately catch the viewer’s eye onto the bright red apple, which does a great job at alluding to forbidden fruits and Bella and Edward’s forbidden love.

The full cover creates a Yin and Yang effect with the dark front cover versus light back cover. I was able to replicate the color palette and composition of the front cover to the back, via a red-orange crescent moon—another common fantasy element in the book and throughout the series.

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