Yokai Hunter
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“What I hunt is unseen.”

Hi y’all,

I’m still in the middle of the convention summer run and boy has it been wild. Sales have been good, but I finally have gotten sick. There was a show in a converted car garage that had black mold in it, so I’ve been hocking up a lung in between shows.

That aside, I wanted to talk to you all about a piece in my portfolio that is near and dear to me, the “Yokai Hunter.” It’s no secret that I’m a fan of table-top roleplaying games. With that comes the need to make a lot of fun original characters to play. Usually, the characters I play now don’t have much thought put into them, as now I know that I’ll never have time to flesh them out and play them, but there are a select few (like 4) that I really have put a lot of thought and love into. This character is one of them.

The Yokai hunter came from a desire to play a ranger character. I wanted to play a sniper character, someone that’s cool, calm and quiet while stalking their quarry. Another thing I was interested in, was Ainu culture. I had recently finished reading Golden Kamuy, which takes place in the snow mountains of Hokkaido, which has a rich history of spirits and gods. This lead me to want her design to be referenced to an Matagi hunter, which is a subculture in Hokkaido that are all hunters and even have special hunting rights granted to them by the Japanese government. I was also inspired by another manga title “Mushishi” that involves spirits called “mushi” that themselves look like bacteria, and deep sea creatures. I liked the alien look to them and wanted this hunter to hunt after things that are unique to the world, so I used deep sea creatures and tuned them to look like spirits and ghosts. Thus the Yokai Hunter was born!

As for their personal story, I had figured I could flesh her out more in an actual campaign, but for the most part she is someone of few words, and is on contract to guide outside hunters in her clan’s territories. She would also take on contracts from people who are experiencing curses, and strange oddities in the villages.

One of the reasons I know I will never be able to play this character is my playstyle in tabletop games. I always play to fill a needed role in the party. Usually that ends up being the one drawing the map, being the healer, and at worst, helping keep the party on task for the DM. It’s a little frustrating now that I think about it, maybe I’ll try this character out in a more well rounded group of experienced adventurers. Preferably a group with a healer.

Thanks for reading!


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