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“The mouth is not my own, it never was. It’s always been yours.”

Hi y’all,

I’d like to talk to you about another piece in my portfolio. The title of the piece is “Magritte,” as it’s based off the painter of the same name who would paint unsettling scenes in normal everyday life. The scene that’s taking place in the piece here seems like an everyday occurrence. The figure is sitting and enjoying tea in a cafe, but the actual subject is the mouths and the wild hair.

The concept for the piece comes from a story I’m working on (what doesn’t?) that’s an intertwining anthology where the central antagonist has the power to take the stresses and anxieties of people and turn them into monsters of some variety and how that affects the people in the small town where this all happens. This character in this story, comes from a wealthy and influential family. Because of this, she’s been set a rigorous and almost unreasonable series of expectations, mainly to be seen and not heard. She thinks of herself as the family doll, something that is placed in a glass case and left on display for everyone to admire and see, but never understand. After having her face stolen by the antagonist, the more she holds in her voice, more mouths grow in the house and start to tell off the people around her. Finally finding her voice.

The origin of the Anomaly is the Futakuchi-onna, a yokai that has a mouth hidden on the back of the head that ate all the rice in a rich man’s house. It’s an interesting story as it also coincides with the idea that people are treated like ornaments all the time throughout history. One of the reasons I enjoy doing intertwining tales, is that it lets me put in more ideas and themes I want to explore in larger overarching concepts. The overarching idea for this series (titled Tales of Winnicott) is the psychology of trauma and how it affects people at different ages.

Thanks and see you in the next one!


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