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“The Sun is not something anyone can hold in their hand.”

Hi Y’all,

I’d like to show off another piece from my portfolio. This piece is titled, “Unworthy” and as you can see, the character in our story is not doing so well. The concept for this piece is based on the old classic of a sword giving a test to its potential wielder. The sword in this story wields the power of the sun, and in order to use the sword, you must be cleansed of sin in the fires of the sword. If you are all sin, you are burned to ash like the trial runner in this piece.

This sword, along with the others from the story of Echtrai, come from the hearts of dragons that live in the mountains of the continent known as the “Spine.” Their hearts are made of a special material that resembles a tempered steel. The people who live there, worship the dragons and hunt them in special ceremonies to be gifted their hearts to make a new weapon.

The weapons themselves, being from a living being, become semi-sentient, knowing their destiny, and who is supposed to wield them. Hence why they come up with tests and the like, and figure out ways to move about the world. In the world of Echtrai, you’ll find many different tales and weapons such as the one in this piece.

Thank for reading, see you in the next one!


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