The story of Trunks Maloo – the first book in a series
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A few months ago I finished a series of books (4 pieces) for a wonderful client. Today we will talk about the first book called “The story of Trunks Maloo”. This is a story about an elephant and his adventures. Here the reader can observe a huge number of African animals in their habitat (birds, reptiles, artiodactyls, etc.). In order for the reader’s eye not to get bored while reading, I used various types of illustrations (full spreads, spot illustrations, etc.). And in order for the picture not to seem boring and flat in some illustrations, I took some elements of the composition outside the drawing. In my opinion, the emotions of the characters are well spelled out (joy, anger, sadness). The color palette in the first book conveys the mood and atmosphere of the African savannah.

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Anastasia is a self-taught artist with immense talent. She has, to date, worked on several children’s books, and has helped Trunks Maloo and his friends come to life in spectacular fashion. Anastasiya gets to create characters and stories that make people happy, and leaves a lasting mark on their hearts. The positivity in life shows in her work, and we are very happy to have her on the Trunks Maloo team.
— Kurt Jay Bertels, Trunks Maloo