Zodiac Series: Taurus
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Hi Y’all,

My news has become a little less frequent here and I apologize for nothing. I’ve been very hard at work on a client’s graphic novel! And while I wish I could elaborate more on that, I cannot! NDA! What I can say in the meantime is that I’ve also been hard at work between pages on my previous project featuring the Western Zodiac.

So Taurus is an Earth sign, and when I think of “Earth” as an element, my mind is taken to Native American arts and designs. Georgia O’keefe also comes to mind when I think of Native American work as well oddly, but it’s probably the whole being from Texas, and my grandma had art of both hers and native cultures. Basically a lot of influence comes from those types of paintings when I made this piece.

I’ve mentioned this in passing, but not sure if I’ve mentioned this in writing, but the core theme for the series is that things like zodiac signs, labels, and such, become a replacement for who you are as a person, hence the weird monsters that latch onto the subjects and the like. If you look back at the others I’ve posted, all of them have a sort of weird being that’s almost like a parasite. For this one, there is a literal mask that the character is holding up to their face while the rib cage starts to seal them away.

I don’t really know if this is a “statement” or a “call” to anything sort of series, but I’m always fascinated with the concepts surrounding identity and how we have things we need to latch onto to find a place in the world. I feel this series is just another outlet to figure out how people label themselves to help them understand themselves.

Currently I have 3 illustrations left, but my schedule being so tight now, I don’t know if they’ll be finished before the year is out. Worst case scenario, is I take a break and come back to them when I have less conventions. Honestly you would think that I’d have less here in the winter season, but well, I have three in a row for November, then three in December. Catch me at the following shows if you happen to be in the area!

1) Tokyo Night Festival
2) DreamHack Atlanta GA
3) Anime Dallas
4) Anime Frontier
5) Ecchi Expo
6) OkiCon

Then it’s a whole new year of shows! Crazy! This year flew by and I’m excited to see what next year has to offer!



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