Cover illustration – Rise of Cora by A. L. Hawke
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I am at last able to start showcasing a series of book covers created over the last twelve months or so. This is the first of a trilogy of covers painted in acrylics for the very successful Azure Blue series by A. L. Hawke.

I have had a huge amount of fun working on this project which draws on ancient Greek myth and legend with contemporary overtones. Not only did I get a lot out of producing the illustrations I also learned a lot about the indie publishing side of the business and a bit of cartography as well as I was enlisted to craft the world maps too, I have included one of those here.

The video is a breakdown of my process so I hope that you enjoy it :).

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Yes! I really love what you did with Cora. This is the central point for the cover so it’s crucial and I think you’re spot on. I’d change very little. I think her emotion is conveyed, the dress works, and the Greek—no worries, it works. :)
— A. L. Hawke, Author