‘Smoke & Oakum’ New Album Artwork for The Longest Johns
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Following the success of their last album ‘Cures What Ails Ya’ those lovely chaps, The Longest Johns, hired me again to work my magic on their latest album ‘Smoke & Oakum’. I was lucky enough to have their initial studio takes to listen to so that I could start creating immersive artwork which would work in harmony with the music and enhance the overall feels that the guys were going for. They also asked me to design the single cover for ‘Hard Times’ which was their first release from the album as well as help put together a line of merch for them to release alongside. It was a pleasure as always to work for The Longest Johns again and, even though they made me appear in their music video, I’d happily work for them again. If you enjoy a Sea Shanty they are not to be missed!

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