The Artist Trading Card Collection

Participation requires membership, to apply for membership click here or send us an email if you’re a former member.

We send out our collectable Artist Trading Cards for free to art directors, publishers, advertising agencies and other specially selected clients who hire illustrators and other creatives. If you want to be part of our Art Card collection, all we need from you is an 1129 pixel by 1643 pixel (or larger) portrait image with no bleed, plus a high-resolution copy of your artist’s mark, whether that be a symbol, logo or signature. You can see examples of what you should send below.

The cost is 29 GBP, and we’ll print 30 cards on your behalf to give away to our client database for free (including P&P). Additional cards will be available to interested parties for a nominal fee, and we’ll also send you a copy of your card to keep or share. Our Artist Trading Cards are a great way to get your artwork in front of the right people and they have the potential to get you jobs you may not have been considered for via your online endeavours.

Artwork – [ PSD | JPG | PDF ] 1129w x 1643h, 300dpi Portrait, RGB, Save as JPG (100%).
Artist’s Mark – [ PNG ] 620w x 260h, 300dpi Landscape, RGB, Save as JPG (100%) or PNG.

The front of the card will show your artwork in all its glory; the reverse will reveal all of your essential information with a smaller cropped and framed version of your artwork.

Once your art is ready, click the payment link to proceed. If you have any issues with your artwork or our templates, we’re happy to help. All you need to do is get in contact. Please note that sending us an image that is too big is always better than sending a too-small one. We do all of the design and formatting at our end, so all we need is your artwork. The Little Chimp Society provides printing, packaging and delivery services.

Once your payment is complete, upload your files to us via Dropbox HERE. Please note: We use the information shown in your Hireillo profile as part of your Artist Trading Card, so please make sure it is correct and current. Also, please note that screen to print colours may vary due to the cards’ material (PVC free – chalk-based) and print process.

Additional information…

We have an extensive international database of client contacts that we’ve been building for almost 20 years now. It’s constantly being added to and updated to make it as reliable and valuable as it possibly can be. Every client on our list is verified, and we’re in contact with them before we mail them our physical promotional material to ensure we’re not wasting our resources or time.

We previously sent out traditional promotional postcards to art directors. The change to collectable Artist Trading Cards is to prolong their longevity and create something clients will want to keep and even want to acquire when they have cards missing from their collections.

If the Artist Trading Cards are popular enough, we may release an annual or bi-annual magazine featuring our members’ Art Card artwork. There will be no extra fees for being included in these additional publications, but we may charge interested parties for copies if they have no intention of hiring one or more of our members. Although we are producing beautiful collectable products for consumption, the function of the Artist Trading Cards is to promote our members and get their work in front of clients who commission freelance illustrators and artists.