Welcome to Monster Isle (Raar!)

Well, it’s about time we started reviewing the books we have listed on the bookshelf. We’re kicking off with Welcome to Monster Isle, illustrated by Jeff Miracola and written by Oliver Chin. This is a fully illustrated children’s picture book and we have chosen it because a) we love Jeff Miracola’s artwork, b) it’s fun and c) Jeff is a good example of an artist with a very distinctive (and sometimes rather surreal) style who has successfully applied it to a number different markets.

Many people will be familiar with Jeff’s work, especially pieces such as ‘Asian Walker‘ and he has received recognition through features in numerous creative magazines, as well as working with a number of high profile clients. Jeff has created artwork for a wide range of markets, from Magic: the Gathering game cards to conceptual designs for Hasbro; from video game graphics (EA) to editorial illustration.

Welcome to Monster Isle is Jeff’s first children’s book and is aimed at the 4 to 8 year age range. It is a story of a family who find themselves facing a hoard of monsters on a deserted island and Jeff has applied his unique style and character design skills to every page of the book.

The page layouts utilize different perspectives and colours that should appeal to both parents and children and there are some nice little details to look out for in each illustration, too. Above all else, the pictures tell the story on their own, so a child looking through the book on his or her own could pretty much follow the tale based on the pictures alone, without being able to read the text.

All in all, this is a lovely little book to own and enjoy as a fan of Jeff’s work, and you’ll appreciate it even more if you have a small person to share it with!

Publishing info –
Title: Welcome to Monster Isle
Author: Oliver Chin
Illustrator: Jeff Miracola
Publisher: Immedium, Inc. (2008)
ISBN: 978-1597020169

Look out for Jeff’s second children’s book due out in early 2011!

See more about the book on Jeff’s website: www.jeffmiracola.com

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