Illustrators’ Survey 2019

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As a community of over 500 illustrators, we want to know what the current state of the illustration industry is. Illustrators and other creative professionals are vital to a large number of industries and add enormous value to many others. Without us, there wouldn’t be children’s picture books; there wouldn’t be a comic book industry; newspapers and magazines would be really boring; and TV and movies would suck! So, we’re reaching out to as many of our peers and those people who, like us, make all of this possible to gather the widest dataset we can for the benefit of our profession. This survey will not just give us all an overview of the way things are, but the anonymous results will be available publicly, with the good stuff giving us all a bit of positive reinforcement and the not-so-good stuff making way for change and a better future. Together, we’re a huge community, but as individuals we are more isolated than most. By giving us just five minutes of your time to fill out this survey you’re contributing to something bigger than yourself and showing the world we are a force to be reckoned with.

We are now accepting submissions for our Annual Illustrators’ Survey and can’t wait to share the results with you! Have your say at

Darren Di Lieto – Creative Director at Hire an Illustrator

The survey data will not only inform the wider community and platforms devoted to supporting illustrators and artists, but also champion the importance of communication and the visual medium to those who hold our livelihoods in their hands.

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Participate and have your say 🙂👉

We commissioned Pete Underhill to create the illustrations that accompany this year’s survey. We think he’s done a wonderful job and can’t wait to get him started on the artwork to showcase the 2019 results. Illustrators are awesome! 👏

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