Support the Creators: Festive Web Store List

Continuing our mission to support creators and the illustrators we represent, and with Christmas coming up. We wanted to share with you a list of festive items from independent artists which you can buy right now. Every sale they make allows them to do what they love, support their careers, pay their bills and provide for their families. So before you decide to buy your gifts from Amazon or another big store, please have a look through this list. What you’re buying is something special and unique, plus you’re doing more than paying for shareholders’ second home or giving Jeff “McDuck” Bezos more gold coins to lock away in his vault. If you love art and supporting those who support themselves, show it!

Yuletide Dreams postcards by Mariya Prytula
Christmas Cards by Manic Minotaur
Christmas Cards by Vicky’s World on Etsy
Tropical Christmas Cards by Katherine Kannon on Etsy
Original Festive Artwork by Cheryl Crout on Etsy
Winter Fox Art Print by Samillustration

Thank you for checking out our members’ current offerings. We’ll be posting our top 10 unique holiday gifts in the coming weeks, so subscribe to stay in the loop. Also if you’ve purchased any of the above and would like to leave some feedback, please leave a comment. 😁 #SupportTheCreators

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