Lovely letterpress and linocut prints

It’s been some time since we bought any new artwork to hang on our walls, so what better choice than a letterpress print from the wonderful Gemma Correll?

It’s the perfect print for any lover of cats, coffee or cakes (or all three, as in our case!). We love it, thank you Gemma! The shop is closed for the moment, but keep checking back on Gemma’s site to see when it reopens so you can get your hands on some of her brilliant goodies!

We also spotted Lottie Penchion‘s rather lovely linocuts on the LCS. We decided we just had to have Mr Badger…

…and Lottie very generously sent us an extra one too, which was much appreciated as they look just great as a set! Check out Lottie’s print giveaway too!

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