State of Illustration '19 Report

We are proud and super-excited to present the State of Illustration ’19 report! After many hours of number crunching and countless cups of coffee to keep us going, it’s finally been released into the wild. This was the biggest survey of illustrators we’ve ever done and was completed by people from around the world. We hope the survey will help individual illustrators, students and the illustration community at large to understand who we are, what we do well, what we can do better, and how we can help and support each other. The facts and figures speak for themselves.

The report is very in-depth, so please take your time with reading it and taking it all in. We’ve tried not to make assumptions about the results (remember, correlation is not necessarily causation!) and have presented the data to allow you to draw your own conclusions. We did this survey for the illustration community we love in order to benefit all of us, so you are more than welcome to share our findings as we want them to belong to the community as a whole – this is why we’ve licensed the report under a Creative Commons attribution international license. This means anyone can make and distribute derivative works based on it, including for commercial purposes. All we ask for is that we’re identified as the author and source. For full license details, see the postface of the report’s conclusion.

Hopefully our report will also give clients and those who work with illustrators a better insight into our community and what we do. We would also be really happy to see the data used by those who work as teachers and lecturers in college and university art departments to help inform their students about the creative industry, before they jump in head first and join it.

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Illustration © 2019 Pete Underhill

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