All quiet on the home front?

We’ve not had a chance to really update the staff blog recently, what with a two week break in Canada and everything full steam ahead here! The weekly mail packs are packed and we are doing some ongoing major upgrades to the website, with a bit of optimization to our business structure. We’ve also been making new contacts and exploring new avenues all in order to promote the talented members of hai. I’ve got 3 essays on promotion planned that I’m hoping to post on this blog in the near future, also as mentioned I’m making some major improvements, speed and usability-wise to the hai website. It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait for the hard work to be finished so I can start testing and releasing stuff to the public!

Currently I’m looking for an illustrator to do a bit of work on behalf of hire an illustrator and another site. I have a few illustrators in mind and a couple I’m definitely going to ask, but directions for the projects have not been decided yet. So if you would like me to consider your portfolio along with the ones I’m already looking at please send me an email or leave a comment below.

Leave a comment... It's your destiny. :)