Justin Donaldson: How to Find Work Online

Natures Creative Power by Justin Donaldson
Inspired by Jules Vernes’ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Back in February of 2019, Justin Donaldson wrote an interesting article called “How to Find Work Online as an illustrator” for the now defunct One Fantastic Week. As you may or may not know, 1FW closed its doors a month or so ago due to the controversy around the sexual harassment allegations against 1FW co-founder and co-host Sam Flegal (see Eunjoo Han’s Twitter account @HeyEunjoo for more information and this, and this). We don’t personally know any of the people involved and as far as we know, no charges have been brought against anyone (yet), but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t an abuse of power or wrongdoings going on. All we do know, based on Eunjoo’s account and those of others we’ve read, is that what allegedly happened is morally repugnant. This post isn’t about that though. What this blog post is about is the artists and the resources that got swept up in this whirlwind through no fault of their own.

Artist Justin Donaldson was kind enough to supply us with his original article, which we’ve now edited and updated for its new home on the HAI Staff Blog. We hope it’ll continue to help illustrators find commissions online and follow the path that’s right for them.

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We’ve been advising illustrators since 2005 and during that time we’ve seen our fair share of websites and organisations that have come and gone without leaving a trace. So when we can, we’ve reached out to the owners of discontinued websites to ask if they’re interested in having us take over the assets that have been most useful to students, illustrators and artists. People put their hearts and souls into these resources, normally as volunteers, and all we want to do is give back by preserving the content and making it available to the illustration community as a whole.

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