The State of Illustration Report 2020

After 3 months of late nights and working weekends, we’re proud to announce the State of Illustration report is now available for download. Please visit

The report uses data collected from 1506 respondents, which includes freelance illustrators, in-house illustrators, artists and other creative types. The State of Illustration survey was open from 31st October to 11th December 2020. Our respondents are a mix of genders and ages who are primarily social media users that are also fiercely independent as self-employed business owners. Due to the solitary nature of being an artist or freelance illustrator, most of them will likely be in isolation for a good portion of their working day, with their social interactions primarily being limited to social media or communication devices rather than in-person.

Five artists were commissioned to create the illustrations that accompany the four sections of the State of Illustration survey and the report itself. The cover art is the illustration Imogen Fancourt created for the “work” section. A complete list of illustrators who contributed to this document can be found at the end of the report.

The State of Illustration: The International Illustrator Survey

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