The Hireillo shop is a go!

It’s been a long time coming and a bit of an uphill journey, but we’re pleased to say the Hireillo shop is now open! The shop is primarily an outlet for the products created in conjunction with the latest project or exhibition we’re running for our members, which is the Versus Evil trading card project at the time of writing. We hope to feature other items created by our members in the shop too, as and when it’s appropriate to do so. Due to having additional items on tables at various comic conventions this year, we’re currently stocking several self-published comics and zines – along with the State of Illustration booklet and the Self-Publisher’s guide to hiring an illustrator being available.

If you’re a completionist, the Versus Evil deck is available in its entirety or you can pick out your favourite, individual cards if you prefer. There’s also a selection of related stickers and badges to check out. For those who aren’t already aware, Versus Evil series one is a collection of 128 evil characters created by different artists, all with their own unique styles, and from various countries worldwide.

Before we sign off, we wanted to give a quick shout out to Thought Bubble Festival. We had an excellent time and it was everything we were expecting. Hopefully we’ll be back next year and can catch up IRL with all the new friends we made. Thank you Thought Bubble!

Visit the Hireillo shop.

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