Presenting the Hireillo Artist Cards


After lots of back and forth, client feedback, endless meetings and following the success of our Versus Evil trading cards, we are delighted and proud to present the new Hireillo Artist Cards. The Artist Cards are replacing the postcard-sized Art Cards which, before we retired them at the beginning of the year, we had been mailing to clients and collectors for several years.

We hope that they’re as successful as the Art Cards have been, if not more so. In our opinion, they’re brilliant and so much more collectable than we were expecting.

We designed the cards to be kept and treasured, so we made them from recycled materials rather than throwaway cardboard, which means they’re lovely to handle. Also, every card is printed on demand to avoid waste – with no cards being sent to recipients who don’t actually want them.

Who are the Hireillo Artist Cards for?

Suppose you hire illustrators and would like us to mail you Hireillo Artist Cards as part of our client mail shot packs for free. Well, all you need to do is send an email introducing yourself to (Darren), letting us know the type of illustrators you usually hire, what sort of jobs they’re typically for, and how often you commission freelancers. If you don’t hire illustrators but would still like to get your hands on the cards, don’t worry, we’ll be making them available to buy “at cost” at a later date. Keep an eye on the blog or sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop.

For artists who’d like to be featured on an Artist Card, sign up for Hireillo membership and then come back here for the next step. For those artists who are already members of our vibrant community, visit our Artist Trading Card page to find out more. Everyone who participates gets mailed a physical sample featuring their artwork, along with a nifty Hireillo sticker.

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