Have we Lost our minds?

The server upgrades almost went to plan. There were a couple of hic-cups, but all seems to be good now and we’ve doubled up our power. The upgrades to the site are ongoing… I’m currently setting up nifty HTML emails for our users and more social integration, which should be in action by the time this post goes up. We’ve also now got our own URL shortener… http://illo.cc 🙂

The shortener basically works like an alias, but it’s automated using our post ID numbers. For example this blog post would be www.hireanillustrator.com/i/blog/466, but for one our artists like Ture Ekroos you would now be able to find them at http://illo.cc/15273 in addition to their normal URL. This should work well with our Twitter integration or anywhere where we lack or limit space. All of our news will automatically have it’s own short URL and the artists will have access to ones for their portfolios.

We’ve also been working on making more use of our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’re real people just like you and we love to talk and share. Follow us, like us, interact, stay connected!

facebook.com/hireanillo and twitter.com/hireanillo

And! Last, but not least about a year ago we stopped doing portfolio reviews. We’re still not going to do full reviews, but we are planning something big, well 140 characters big. Next Thursday (12th) between 15:00 and 17:00 GMT if you tweet us your URL @hireanillo we’ll review your work and/or site in 140 characters or less publicly via Twitter. Sounds like fun? We think so! 🙂

I’m a big fan of the TV show Lost, so the above illustration is from the portfolio of illustrator Patt Kelley. What’s your favorite TV show from recent years?

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