What’s new Pussycat…?

It was always our intention with the Hai! website to continually keep things moving by making improvements and adding new and (hopefully!) useful features for the benefit of members, clients and others interested in the creative industry.
Our tech-head and all-round genius, Darren, has been hard at work again (actually he never stops, even to sleep) to bring you our most recent additions to the site!

First up is the new Video Showreels page, designed to put more of a focus on our wonderful animators and motion artists. Nice and simple, it brings together videos showcasing animation work by members from these categories.

We also have a Resources section on the site, which has been available for a little while now. Here we have links to carefully selected articles and videos created by professionals within the industry, which we feel are essential resources for artists, illustrators and potential clients. This section currently includes advice from Charles Hively (3X3 magazine), Nate Williams (illustrator and more!), Dani Jones (illustrator) and Marcus Cutler (illustrator).

Our newest addition is The Bookshelf, where we have listed books recommended and owned by us. We’ve split this into Business & Resources, Children’s & Young Adult, Showcase and General Interest sections. To make The Bookshelf as useful as we can, we will be working our way through posting reviews of the books here on the blog.

And finally, some changes have recently been made to the news headlines on the home page. You can now click through the headline articles, rather than having to wait for them to rotate, giving more exposure to all headline news.

Hope you enjoy!

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