On My Desk 2021 Edition

What we’re looking for from you are photos of your desk, photos of your studios and workspaces or even video walkthroughs of your place of work. Hide the junk food and coffee stains and snap away. Your workspace mascots (pets) are more than welcome to get in on the action too.

Good riddance, 2020!

Well, we’ve finally made it to the (almost) end of 2020! While the holiday season will not be the same as usual with most places experiencing severe restrictions on seeing family and friends, it’s still worth celebrating the fact that even though things may have been exceptionally difficult for you this year, you’ve managed to get through it and have done the best you can.

What are you worth?

When you’re first starting out on your path to becoming a professional illustrator, when projects are thin on the ground, or your business is struggling, it’s easy to just take whatever you’re offered…