On My Desk: Patricia Pedroso Pedro

The desk and studio below belong to Spain-based freelance children’s illustrator Patricia Pedroso Pedro. Patricia is a digital artist (also a skilled watercolour and gouache artist) who loves anything with a hint of darkness and fantasy. Clients include Raw Stone, Coffee & Language Publications, and a wide variety of private commissions.

Hireillo Comic Anthology #1

This 36-page comic anthology is a collection of eight stories written and illustrated by eight artists who hail from different backgrounds and parts of the world. We gave each of them a limited number of pages and told them to do what they do best.

Springtime by Sian Bowman, a new Hireillo background illustration

We’re proud to present a new Hireillo website background Illustration. Children’s illustrator Sian Bowman created the artwork (tentatively titled “Springtime”) and we think she did a fantastic job putting it together. For us, commissioning an illustrator to create a website background is a tricky prospect. We represent a wide range of illustrators, and the website’s background illustration needs to be unique but not distract from the work of our other members. It’s a fine line to walk, and Sian managed the task admirably.