Springtime by Sian Bowman, a new Hireillo background illustration

We’re proud to present a new Hireillo website background Illustration. Children’s illustrator Sian Bowman created the artwork (tentatively titled “Springtime”) and we think she did a fantastic job putting it together. For us, commissioning an illustrator to create a website background is a tricky prospect. We represent a wide range of illustrators, and the website’s background illustration needs to be unique but not distract from the work of our other members. It’s a fine line to walk, and Sian managed the task admirably.

On My Desk: John Hinderliter

The desk and studio shown belong to Pennsylvania-based award-winning freelance illustrator John Hinderliter. He was born amidst Carny Folk in Atlantic City, NJ, so he was predestined for a career in advertising from the very beginning.

On My Desk: Vicky Scott

The desk and studio on display belong to Sheffield-based freelance artist Vicky Scott. Over the last 15 years, Vicky has worked on a diverse range of projects including Facebook advertising for Volkswagen, card designs for Paperchase and a huge painting on a life-sized model of a baby elephant for the Elephant Family charity.