Santa, Snowmen & Reindeer, it must be the Christmas Mail Packs!


The order of members’ (mostly) seasonal postcards for the final mail packs of this year have just arrived from the printer! We’ve also had some nice Christmassy ones sent to us directly from members, so the mail packs will be full of festive cheer.


We’ll be busy getting everything organised and posting out the sample cards to the illustrators today, then we’re ready to start putting the mail packs together next week. Once these have been sent out to clients, we’ll be holding back on sending any more mail packs until around mid-January to give everyone time to get back into the swing of work again.


It’s twenty days until Christmas and we hope everyone’s looking forward to it. We know we are!

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    |||    □▢



We had a fairly big postcard order to send to the printer’s after New Year and now they’ve arrived 🙂 A sample card is winging its way to each of the artists right now and the rest will be going out with our regular mail packs over the coming weeks.

From top left…
Anna Bours, Jim Steck, Kathryn Siveyer
Ashley Percival, Leon Mussche, Sawsan Chalabi
Gant Powell, Kotryna Zukauskaite, Edward Nau, Allyson Haller
Sarah Underwood, Tim Kirby, Nicola Robinson


We recently bought issues 0 and 1 of the British comic, Overload. Published by The Copydesk, they feature collections of work by both new and established artists and writers.

They are particularly note-worthy as, apart from being really rather good, both editions are adorned with cover art by hai members! Roy Huteson Stewart‘s Marines and monster of southern State folklore can be found on the cover of Overload #0, while Graeme Neil Reid‘s zombie Prime Ministers take over the front of Overload #1.

You can buy the comics over at The Copydesk website!

Fish on a Stick, Pugs and more…

We just love having interesting, original items created by illustrators on show in our home and office. It really makes for a unique environment to live or work in and provides shed-loads of inspiration! We thought we’d share our latest arty acquisitions with you 🙂

We were very happy to give this rather cool, folksy fish a new home! He’s hand carved and painted by the awesome Jim Bradshaw and if you swim on over to his Etsy shop, you might be able to find your own fishy friend to brighten up your office or living room! Jim also has lots of other original character-based artwork to choose from.

Jane was extremely chuffed to get some fab Gemma Correll stuff for her birthday, including one of Gemma’s Boston Tea Party tees, some badges, a roll of Animal Parade tape and a brilliant original framed Pug drawing. We’re not quite sure what to do with the tape yet, but suspect it won’t be long before any bare-looking folders or boxes are covered :). Check out Gemma’s shop on her website for lots of great gift ideas!

If you have a favourite illustrator (or several!), don’t forget that they probably have their own shop online or sell items through other websites. If they don’t, but you fancy having a piece of their work hanging in your home, it’s often worth getting in touch with them to ask if they would sell you a print or create an original for you!

Talking to SCAD, Coffee & Biscuits

Recently I had the pleasure of talking to a few of Violet Lemay’s students at SCAD about their portfolios and illustration in general. It was via video conferencing, which was a shame as I would have loved to have been there in person. Maybe next time!

I think they were probably surprised I wasn’t wearing a suit, but at least I had had a shave. This wasn’t the first time I had talked to students at SCAD. I did the same thing a couple years ago, but this time round I was a lot happier with the advice I gave. Maybe it has to do with being older or in the business for longer.

I’ve lectured a couple times in person in the past at different Universities, which can be quite scary as it’s often in a large lecture hall and more people turn up than you expect to. I do prefer to talk in smaller groups as you can generally turn it into a conversation instead of a lecture and people get to ask the questions they want answers to.

Well anyway… I enjoyed talking to the students at SCAD and it was great to see some many promising portfolios, which reminds me that I still owe them a couple reviews. I also got some great feedback from Violet about the talk, so much so that Violet and the students posted me and Jane a mug illustrated by Violet (see the pics above and below). It was a complete surprise when it arrived and it really made our day as it’s totally unique and was such a nice thought. A big thank you to Violet and all the students for taking the time to listen to me and for such an appropriate gift (we get through far too much coffee and this mug makes it taste even better)!

Time permitting I’m always happy to talk to students… Especially when we get a free mug!

Lovely letterpress and linocut prints

It’s been some time since we bought any new artwork to hang on our walls, so what better choice than a letterpress print from the wonderful Gemma Correll?

It’s the perfect print for any lover of cats, coffee or cakes (or all three, as in our case!). We love it, thank you Gemma! The shop is closed for the moment, but keep checking back on Gemma’s site to see when it reopens so you can get your hands on some of her brilliant goodies!

We also spotted Lottie Penchion‘s rather lovely linocuts on the LCS. We decided we just had to have Mr Badger…

…and Lottie very generously sent us an extra one too, which was much appreciated as they look just great as a set! Check out Lottie’s print giveaway too!

Look out postie, here we come… again!

Well, our first batch of 2011 hai postcards have now arrived, and we thought you might like a quick peek at them before we start sending them off around the world in addition to our regular mail packs.

We’re very grateful to the following members for giving us permission to use their fabulous artwork on the cards!

Robert Shadbolt, Mark Frudd, John Martz, Steven Noble, David Banks, Aad Goudappel, LouLou & Tummie, Jim Caputo, Christian Lindemann, Carol Jonas, Ronald Slabbers, Andy Smith, Michael Slack, Jon Burgerman, Jay Taylor, Gemma Correll, Susan Burghart, Andy Potts, Chris Whetzel, Jim Bradshaw, Shen Plum, Laura Perez, Rod Hunt and Acme Illustrators.

The first 400 will be heading off to the US at the end of the week.

Mad Men, Mad Illustrators!

We were really chuffed to receive our set of this year’s promotional coasters from the Anna Goodson Management illustration agency. They feature artwork by each of Anna’s wonderful artists and are well worth the wait every year. However, we think the artists and agency have outdone themselves this time around with their Mad Men TV show theme!

There are 35 in the set – check out the photos for a selection of the coasters 🙂