Scam Emails, the Scourge of Illustrators

Being a freelancer and a member of the arts community makes you potentially an easy target for scams. You’re reliant on strangers to make a living and pay your bills. Plus, scammers will prey on an illustrator’s ever lingering want for success and recognition. It’s almost a perfect storm and creates easy pickings for a scammer.

What are you worth?

When you’re first starting out on your path to becoming a professional illustrator, when projects are thin on the ground, or your business is struggling, it’s easy to just take whatever you’re offered…

Illustrators’ Survey 2019

As a community of over 500 illustrators, we want to know what the current state of the illustration industry is. Illustrators and other creative professionals are vital to a large number of industries and add enormous value to many others. Without us, there wouldn’t be children’s picture books; there wouldn’t be a comic book industry; newspapers and magazines would be really boring; and TV and movies would suck!