Portfolio Layout Changes

The thumbnails are now four times the size to show off your work better, and we’ve reorganised how your news is shown in your portfolio to make this feel more chronological and not look so much like just another gallery of your artwork. We hope you like the changes.

Scam Emails, the Scourge of Illustrators

Being a freelancer and a member of the arts community makes you potentially an easy target for scams. You’re reliant on strangers to make a living and pay your bills. Plus, scammers will prey on an illustrator’s ever lingering want for success and recognition. It’s almost a perfect storm and creates easy pickings for a scammer.

On My Desk: John Hinderliter

The desk and studio shown belong to Pennsylvania-based award-winning freelance illustrator John Hinderliter. He was born amidst Carny Folk in Atlantic City, NJ, so he was predestined for a career in advertising from the very beginning.