We recently bought issues 0 and 1 of the British comic, Overload. Published by The Copydesk, they feature collections of work by both new and established artists and writers.

They are particularly note-worthy as, apart from being really rather good, both editions are adorned with cover art by hai members! Roy Huteson Stewart‘s Marines and monster of southern State folklore can be found on the cover of Overload #0, while Graeme Neil Reid‘s zombie Prime Ministers take over the front of Overload #1.

You can buy the comics over at The Copydesk website!

Fish on a Stick, Pugs and more…

We just love having interesting, original items created by illustrators on show in our home and office. It really makes for a unique environment to live or work in and provides shed-loads of inspiration! We thought we’d share our latest arty acquisitions with you 🙂

We were very happy to give this rather cool, folksy fish a new home! He’s hand carved and painted by the awesome Jim Bradshaw and if you swim on over to his Etsy shop, you might be able to find your own fishy friend to brighten up your office or living room! Jim also has lots of other original character-based artwork to choose from.

Jane was extremely chuffed to get some fab Gemma Correll stuff for her birthday, including one of Gemma’s Boston Tea Party tees, some badges, a roll of Animal Parade tape and a brilliant original framed Pug drawing. We’re not quite sure what to do with the tape yet, but suspect it won’t be long before any bare-looking folders or boxes are covered :). Check out Gemma’s shop on her website for lots of great gift ideas!

If you have a favourite illustrator (or several!), don’t forget that they probably have their own shop online or sell items through other websites. If they don’t, but you fancy having a piece of their work hanging in your home, it’s often worth getting in touch with them to ask if they would sell you a print or create an original for you!

Hola Amiga!

A set of fab cushion covers and art prints designed by Nate Williams recently found their way from sunny Argentina to cloudy England. We were pretty excited to get these as we’re both fans of Nate’s work and they’re fun, contemporary, colourful designs which will help cheer us up on the dark winter evenings!

The covers and prints are hand silk-screened on cotton and come in neat little packages with the Hola Amiga branding. There are also some rather cool little bags available (also silk-screened), all with Nate’s distinctive work adorning them.

You can get hold of your own bags, pillow covers and prints from Nate’s store n8w.com/shop

Some very distinguished visitors

We were very happy to receive the latest collectible trading cards from the talented Mr Chet Phillips this morning! Chet very kindly sent us the Artistic Pets and Literary Pets 2 sets, which feature such eminent artists and authors as Labrador Dali, Oscar Wildecat, Franz Katka, MichelangeLab and Edgar Allan Pug. There are 20 cards in each set, which come nicely packaged in their own little portfolio. These are really lovely, and would make great original gifts for cat, dog, art and literature lovers alike.

Artistic Pets and Literary Pets (1 & 2) are available to buy, along with 8″ x 10″ prints of the characters, from Chet’s Etsy shop.

You can see more of Chet’s work at his Hai! portfolio and on his website.