On My Desk: Patricia Pedroso Pedro

The desk and studio below belong to Spain-based freelance children’s illustrator Patricia Pedroso Pedro. Patricia is a digital artist (also a skilled watercolour and gouache artist) who loves anything with a hint of darkness and fantasy. Clients include Raw Stone, Coffee & Language Publications, and a wide variety of private commissions.

On My Desk: John Hinderliter

The desk and studio shown belong to Pennsylvania-based award-winning freelance illustrator John Hinderliter. He was born amidst Carny Folk in Atlantic City, NJ, so he was predestined for a career in advertising from the very beginning.

On My Desk: Vicky Scott

The desk and studio on display belong to Sheffield-based freelance artist Vicky Scott. Over the last 15 years, Vicky has worked on a diverse range of projects including Facebook advertising for Volkswagen, card designs for Paperchase and a huge painting on a life-sized model of a baby elephant for the Elephant Family charity.

On My Desk: Leah Sayles

The desk and studio on display belong to Atlanta-based freelance artist Leah Sayles. Leah has worn a plethora of hats in her eight years as a professional creative and currently focuses on providing her clients with graphic design and illustration services.

On My Desk: Tom McWeeney

The desk and studio shown belong to American cartoonist Tom McWeeney, an award-winning illustrator who specialises in comics and toy development.

On My Desk 2021 Edition

What we’re looking for from you are photos of your desk, photos of your studios and workspaces or even video walkthroughs of your place of work. Hide the junk food and coffee stains and snap away. Your workspace mascots (pets) are more than welcome to get in on the action too.