Jim Steck
Windermere, USA
Tel: 407-473-5581

You've already put your hands on Jim Steck's work – literally. Cups at Denny's, placemats at McDonald’s, counter displays at Pizza Hut…Jim has illustrated many campaigns for … Show more.

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Profile updated 4th October, 2022
Member since 29th January, 2011
A&W Restaurants, American Greetings, BBDO, Burger King, Cartoon Network, Checker’s, Chicago Sun Times, Chick-fil-a Kids, Denny’s, Designers Greetings, Georgia Pacific / Dixie, …
Portfolio link: https://illo.cc/12140
Jim is fantastic to work with. I had the pleasure of hiring Jim a few years ago to work with us on the Dixie Riddle Cups and Riddle Cups packaging for Georia-Pacific. Jim contributed to the creative process as well as creating the illustrations. Jim is extremely enthusiastic about his work, which is infectious. Jim met all of our deadlines, was easy to work with, and created memorable illustrations for the Riddle Cups that are still being used in the market today. We have hired Jim since to work with us on A&W internal signage, as well as additional Dixie projects.
— Bill Leissring, SubZero Design
Territory: International
Call: +1. 912. 272. 1726
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