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Fort Wayne, USA
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Ken is a creative, collaborative freelance illustrator who is results, deadline, and fun oriented. He specializes in illustrations that tell a story, as seen in the illustrations, … Show more.

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The News-Sentinel, Comedy Dynamics, Inc., Levon, Inc., Veep Races LLC, Harris Corporation, ITT Defense Corporation, Exelis Corporation, Embassy Foundation, Dial Trolls (Arroyo Come…
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The tabletop party game we developed, Trump Cardz, was a tremendous success thanks to Ken's artwork. He captured the humor and emotions I was seeking to portray in the 60 graphic cards, and exceeded expectations -- all 60 times. Ken's work is intricate, intelligent, and full of fun details. He was professional, transparent, and quick to communicate. I will definitely work with Ken again for our next project.
— Elliot, Founder, Trump Cardz

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