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Lane is an Illustrator living and working in Portland Or. Lane has worked for a variety of clients including the Nashville City Paper, Bayer, Brooklyn Properties, Flocabulary, The … Show more.

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Nashville City Paper, Bayer, Brooklyn Properties, Flocabulary, The Syncretics Group, Inc., 5 Stones Brewing, Martin City Brewing Company, Lethe Press, Just Bee Cosmetics, Orpheus G…
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I’m Just a Super, Man. A film by Dariun … I’ve recently completed a movie poster for Dariun Robinson. Dariun is an incredible director and the cre... View Article
5 Stones Brewery - I recently finished a number of illustrations for 5 Stones Brewery in Texas. I was super excited to create ima... View Article
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Libra - This is the second piece in my Astrology series… Libra, the most balanced of the signs.... View Article
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Musical Watches - This is a personal project I’ve been working on. It is a series of three different concepts for Swatch W... View Article
Paper Planes - This is the first piece in a series I’m working on. There will be more to come soon!... View Article
Nashville City Paper: Feeding Frenzy - I recently completed a piece for the Nashville City Paper about the state of the housing market. I had a great... View Article
Nano Bots - This is a personal piece that is based on an article about Nano technologies and their possible uses in the fu... View Article
Kind of Gold - This is a new promotional piece. I attempted to combine the fluid movement of music with the Alchemists theory... View Article
The Vultures - This is a personal piece I recently completed. I was inspired by a large group of turkey vultures that roosted... View Article
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Dresden Files - This is a new personal piece based on the “Dresden Files,” a series of books written by author Jim... View Article
He’s the only one who knows the words. - This is a promotional piece representing my love for music. It is also influenced by the band Beirut among man... View Article
Nashville City Paper - The Nashville City Paper asked me to do a piece for an article about investing money into local businesses. It... View Article
You want the moon? - This is a promotional piece I was working on during the holidays. It is based on a quote from the movie “... View Article
Envy - This is a promotional piece based on a New York Times article from a few weeks ago. The article was entitled &... View Article
You Are What You Eat - This is another personal project of mine. I recently completed a residency at The School of Visual Arts. I met... View Article
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