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I'm a Singapore illustrator with over 14 years of experience as a portrait and comic book artist; I love what I do and know how to do it. My work is digital, and I'm well versed in… Show more.

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Oil painting class! - Sold my inktober art and it paid for an oil painting class with a local atelier. Been terribly busy and scored... View Article
Young adult book cover - This was an idea I had for a young adult book cover called ‘Staring at You’. Although I’ve b... View Article
Netflix Lupin poster - I wanted to practise my typography and combine it with my art. I like watching Netflix and loved season 2 of L... View Article
Sunday sketching - I love painting faces. The planes of the face. How every face is so unique and mysterious. Last Sunday I had a... View Article
Character design for deck pitch - I was hired to do portrait illustrations for a manga to real life adaptation. Along the way the direction chan... View Article
Daily sketches - In between studies and jobs, I explore random ideas and concepts. For this one I just wanted to try something ... View Article
Cover for Tom Sawyer - I made a mock-up of a teen and young adult book cover. Art and layout by me. I wanted to create a golden boy w... View Article
Phone wallpaper - Just made some simple monochromatic wallpaper for my supporters on Patreon. Not the most newsworthy event, but... View Article
Freckles - I’ve been doing many portraits this year and focussing on getting more teen and young adult cover commis... View Article
Portrait study - We’ve been in quarantine for about three months now and I’ve been spending the time working on a c... View Article
Behind the Scenes - I’ve been doing daily anatomy studies to hone my craft. Art is a craft that takes dedication and passion... View Article
90/100 - This portrait piece is a sample of my young adult cover art work, created for my portfolio.... View Article
89/100 - I’m continuing with my portrait studies. 11 to go.... View Article
I’m Not Blond - I made this book cover to demonstrate how my style can be applied to the teen and young adult book market. I a... View Article
Portrait Challenge - I started a 100 faces challenge and my efforts have even inspired others to take on the same challenge. This i... View Article
Art Exhibition in L’anevert Morocco, Par… In December I was the Artist in Residence in an eco lodge called L’anevert in Morocco. It’s an ama... View Article
Honing my craft - Illustration is both a craft and an art, so there’s a lot of study involved to understand perspective, e... View Article
Cover Concept - I had some spare time this week to get better at my craft. So I made a cover and did both the art and the grap... View Article
Cover for teen magazine Carrie - My most recent artwork where I did both the cover design and the artwork. It’s a young adult story that ... View Article
Photorealistic Style - This is an example of my photorealistic style that can be used for cover art or game art. Open to inquires.... View Article
GTA style editorial piece - I wanted to challenge myself to do something in a different style from usual, so I decided to go with my versi... View Article
Arthura Cover Art and Typography - Arthura is a gender bend of King Arthur and I did the cover illustration as well as all the typography on the ... View Article
Summer Lights - After posting to social media, there were a few requests to for me to post my process so I decided to try maki... View Article
Getting in touch with watercolors - Being a digital artist, working with a traditional medium is quite an experience! There’s no undo, there... View Article