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Liv Foletta is a Designer and Illustrator based in Rochester NY, where she graduated with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Studio Arts. She rowed all 4 years of college and doe… Show more.

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Hi! My name is Jewlie Ard (Store Manager) Olivia has done some of the best window paintings this company has ever seen in the time span I’ve been here (10 years). Olivia’s most famous to date, her Star Wars, wear a mask, has been used in several Austin publications across town such as The Chronicle, the Statesman, and local televised news. Previously she painted sharks wrapping the building for shark week, again a huge photo moment for our community. Not to mention, Olivia’s replica of downtown Austin to celebrate Austin culture graced our building for almost a year.
— Jewlie Ard, Amy's Ice Creams

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