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Matt Timson is a UK based illustrator, living and working in Leicestershire. Although having a background in editorial illustration and caricature, he has flip-flopped between b… Show more.

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The Man Who Laughs - Private digital commission in Clip Studio Paint. One-off print.... View Article
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The Last Time Traveller, for Christian Doran a… Character concepts for ‘The Last Time Traveller.’ Another highly enjoyable project with a great cl... View Article
Character concepts based on Natalie Dormer - Requested by a writer for a pitch.... View Article
The Brownlee Brothers comic, for Huub Design - Elaborate April Fools prank for Dean Jackson at Huub Design (the Brownlee brothers’ sponsor). With thank... View Article
Harry Potter reimagining - Just trying a couple of things out for fun.... View Article
The Dark Judges - 2000 AD turned 40 years old last week…... View Article
Warpship - Artwork from an ongoing comic project.... View Article
The Last Volsai for K.J. Mann - Loved working on this – good back and forth with the author! Initially, this was a front cover only, but... View Article
Grand Moff Tarkin - Private commission.... View Article
Secret Project - The first of many images for a thing that I can’t really talk about yet!... View Article
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