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Bristol, United Kingdom

Hi I’m Mike, a freelance illustrator based in the lovely city of Bristol, UK. Since leaving education with a BA in Illustration and venturing out into the realm of creative freel… Show more.

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Reader's Digest, Cycle Surgery, Nectar Imports Ltd, MAD magazine, Sainsbury's, Black Door Press Ltd, Quarterback entertainment, English Heritage, Laika Come Home Ltd, 3 Monkeys Zen…
Portfolio link: https://illo.cc/50748

Halloween 1978 posters for Printed In Blood Ha… I completed these posters last year (2021) and were accepted into Printed In Blood's Halloween art book along ... View Article
Illustrated seaside photo board for Edinburgh … Edinburgh Gin contacted me in 2018 (I know, old project!) to make a seaside style photo board to help launch t... View Article
The Punisher - As a personal project, I have painted Jon Bernthal as the Punisher. On the suggestion of a Hire an Illustrator... View Article
Political and celebrity caricatures - I plan to push my caricature work more in the future as I’d love to get some work in this area of illust... View Article
Die Hard screen print - This screen print was a private commission for a regular US client. Here is both the original digital painting... View Article
Killing Eve caricature, personal work - I’ve always done caricatures in the background to my current work and really enjoy doing them, so recent... View Article
MAD Magazine: Dora and the search for the Depo… Late last year I was contacted by MAD magazine to contribute to their 2019 round up magazine ‘The 20 Dum... View Article
Demolition Man alternative movie poster - This was a private commission for a US client to be produced as a screen print. I’m getting better at separa... View Article
Heat and Halloween Screen Prints - I’ve been working with a client in the US regularly producing alternative movie posters to be produced as sc... View Article
Key Art One Sheet for ‘Mandao of the Dea… I haven’t posted news in a while as I’ve been busy which is always good. Last year I got commissio... View Article
Miami Vice alternative movie one sheet - This one sheet design was a private commission to be produced as a screen print. This is the second artwork I ... View Article
Capital FM ‘Jingle Bell Ball’ Cari… At the end of last year I was asked by Capital FM to produce caricatures of some of the artists they had perfo... View Article
Key art one sheet for ‘American Satan… At the start of September I was contacted by Ash Avildsen of Sumerian Records & Films to produce artwork f... View Article
Key art one sheet for ‘Freelancer’… I was recently commissioned by Stinger Pictures to produce a one sheet artwork for their short horror/comedy/d... View Article
The VelociPastor one sheet artwork for Laika C… I was recently contacted by Gregory James Cohan (leading actor of the movie) and Brendan Steere (director) to ... View Article
Profile Portraits - This is three profile portraits from an on going series I am doing. Hopefully I want to create enough to cover... View Article
TOP GUN, alternative movie poster - Just wrapped this up last week. I’m really happy with how it turned out and learnt a lot from this piece... View Article
Music Caricatures - These are two caricature pieces that I recently completed, featuring Oasis and the Rolling Stones.... View Article
Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool - I was privately commissioned to produce a portrait of Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool. I’m really happy with ... View Article
Scoundrels volume one book cover - Last year I worked very closely with two self publishing authors to produce this cover design. It was quite a ... View Article
Narcos, alternative Netflix poster - Thought I’d start the new year with a poster. I’m loving the Narcos series at the moment, so thoug... View Article
Kahlua presents White Russian poster - I created this poster to send out to advertising clients. I’ll produce an opposing Black Russian poster ... View Article
‘Out to lunch with’ Wiley - I created this editorial illustration of Wiley as part of a pitch for Q magazine’s ‘out to lunch&#... View Article
Portrait of Sandi Toksvig - I was recently asked to produce a cover illustration for Reader’s Digest magazine. They wanted me to pro... View Article
Kill Bill, alternative film poster - I am a massive fan of all of Quentin Tarantino’s films. Last week I produced this Kill Bill poster, I qu... View Article
Trump vs Clinton (Thumb War) - A self-initiated illustration, this image popped into my head whilst watching the last couple of US presidenti... View Article
Mr Robot poster - I recently found the site PosterSpy and saw they had a poster competition for the second season of Mr Robot. I... View Article
Visit Italy Advertisement - I wanted to have a little practise with my ’50s style as I hadn’t done anything lately that was pr... View Article
Clint Eastwood Portrait – Private Commis… Someone asked me last week to produce them a portrait of Clint Eastwood from his spaghetti western era. I had ... View Article
Drive Poster - For a bit of fun and my folio I did this alternative Drive poster. I researched other drive posters and wanted... View Article
Brewery Promotional Notepad cover - I was contacted by a brewery in the US to design a cover for a small promotional notepad. Alas, the job fell t... View Article
Better Call Saul, TV Poster - I started this poster when the first series was out and picked it back up again in time for the second series!... View Article
IRON MAN Poster - I started this self-initiated poster a while ago and decided to pick it back up and finish it.... View Article
Classic horror portraits - I fancied doing some black and white work for my folio and thought classic horror characters would be a great ... View Article
Cycle Surgery, #Commutercode - I produced 18 humorous illustrations, illustrating 40 funny rules of cycle etiquette as part of a social media... View Article
Corporate Calendar for Nectar Imports Ltd. - At the end of last year I worked on a corporate calendar (2015) for Nectar Imports Ltd to celebrate their 30th... View Article
Kim Jong-un missing… - I thought of this when Kim Jong-un went missing.... View Article
The Sopranos - Here’s a piece I made recently for the purpose of fine-tuning my style.... View Article
Journey - When I thought of the word ‘journey’, migratory birds came to mind. I always wonder where theyR... View Article