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Peter Fasolino's illustrations cover the spectrum of Children's Books, Editorial and Advertising art as well as Caricature. Peter lives and works in Brooklyn. He realizes every c… Show more.

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Nickelodeon, Mcgraw Hill, Golden Books, The Nation magazine, Harcourt publishers,Complete client list available
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Ukraine Endures - As I finished this painting, Russian troops were retreating from Lyman as Ukrainian troops reclaimed their cit... View Article
Hogs & Heifers 1992- 2015 - Just when the Highline walkway and high-end boutiques like Moschino and Stella McCartney opened, the Meat-pack... View Article
Nora, Queen of 8th Street - My 94-year-old neighbor upstairs perches on my building's front steps every day to gaze upon her domain. She's... View Article
Aimee from Brooklyn - A new subject for my portrait series of people I know, some who I’m personally familiar with and others a pa... View Article
Positively 4th Street - Years ago, West 4th Street was the subway stop to meet friends at the Riviera Cafe. The place where Lou Reed k... View Article
LADIES, You missed a spot! - Charles Gerber, a man of the theater, Shakespearean teacher, and actor, hosts a festival every year called the... View Article
St Francis of the Backwoods - There's a guy I know named Yoder, not the Jedi Master, but a stocky guy I conversed with at parties years ago.... View Article
In Praise of Augie - Every once in a while, you feel good about yourself when you utilize your skills to console people. Good Frien... View Article
Love is passion and obsession, someone you can… Another wedding portrait I did for friends as a gift. But this time I didn’t make the cut for the small Wedd... View Article
The Light Touch - A lawyer client that I’ve worked with before hired me to do a portrait for his practice. I was given free re... View Article
Kafka goes on a Blind Date - My birthday was eight days after Kafka’s. As an illustrator for many years, I wanted to do a personal work f... View Article
Dog day afternoon - Illustrators as a rule work alone in hermetic studios. In my instance, I have a partner nearby for a muse. He ... View Article
Nighthawks - Vinyl is still alive and well! This is my first album cover for a Scottish singer from the band, Wet, Wet, Wet... View Article
Fast Track - My portrayal of the express train where riders reach their destination much sooner. Avoid the tedium of local ... View Article
The Fix is in - My new small business branding project, “Hector”. Down these mean streets of Brooklyn is “the man” to ... View Article
The Demise of Donny - My last depiction of Trump and his thugs for an illustration job that I assigned to myself as a cleansing of t... View Article
The Unraveling - Everybody has a detour or roadblock in their journey through life. This was a promotional illustration I did b... View Article
“I’ve got you under my feathers… Commissioned illustration for a poster I did for an off-off Broadway musical mash-up of Chekhov and Cole Porte... View Article
Santa with a Twist - I had time this year to illustrate my Christmas card that is more pagan than merry. Merging May Day with Chri... View Article
Maximo the red-nosed Titanosaur - I was hired by Wolf Film Productions who produce Law & Order for NBC. They wanted a Christmas party invita... View Article
Love (9 to 5) - For an article about online dating in its infancy. Hark back in time when people found love the old fashion wa... View Article
How I spent my summer vacation…. - Commissioned art I did for an article concerning parents being fined $500 in Wisconsin for letting their kids ... View Article
Darla takes a coffee break - A commissioned work for a Vermont couple who acquired a 110 pound Anatolian Shepherd named Darla for protectio... View Article
To serve and protect the realm with a whimper - Book cover for a young adult fantasy novel. My impression of our armor-clad protagonist is a cross between Don... View Article
Jazz Roots - Commissioned poster for a Long Island jazz festival. The work has been used twice since it encompasses all asp... View Article
School of Fish - Artwork for a New Orleans High school curriculum appreciating America’s indigenous art form. In biology,... View Article
“Ho! Ho! Ho! To the bottle I go. To heal my … My Illustration chronicling the struggle with alcoholism in the literary world.... View Article
Hangin’ with the Hip Hop Hounds - From a Children’s book entitled “Hangin’ with the Hip Hop Hounds”. The middle dog is m... View Article
Wholesome Dreams - Dreams don’t need explanation.... View Article
Wildlife - Artwork for a proposed book on animals behaving badly. A cautionary tale of excess in the animal kingdom.... View Article
Day of refuge at MOMA - I was hired by a New York Tour guide company to illustrate major cultural sites for their brochure. One of my ... View Article
Galloping Gator - I did this art for a wedding gift. I was informed that the Groom’s original plan was to go on a supervis... View Article
Toast to Mozzie - This was a private commission, a tribute to a beloved pet that survived a brutal assault by a dog. Mozzie was ... View Article
New York City Speakeasy Tour - A tour company approached me to design and illustrate their hand-out rack card to disseminate around NYC. They... View Article