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I'm a Connecticut based illustrator with a heavy focus toward editorial work. I strive to create bold images on tight deadlines with a sense of wit and grit that anyone can unders… Show more.

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Profile updated 3rd November, 2021
Member since 18th April, 2014
Society of Illustrators 63, Communication Arts 2017 Award of Excellence
The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, Variety, The Boston Globe, Entertainment Weekly, Politico, Barron’s, AARP, Billboard, Wired …
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Illustration for Barron’s - Who owns your fund management company? Is it publicly or privately held, controlled by a handful of insiders, ... View Article
It’s the cars, not the cows - Illustration for the Star Tribune. It’s the cars, not the cows. Avoiding meat and other foods that come ... View Article
The #MeToo movement and start-ups for The Wash… A recent illustration for The Washington Post, for an article titled Sexual Harassment Inc: How the #MeToo mov... View Article
The Guardian - For The Guardian newspaper. Poison once flowed in America’s waters. Under Trump, it might again.... View Article
Variety - Rough earnings for pay TV, for an article in Variety.... View Article
Washington Post - This is what foreign spies see when they read President Trump’s tweets. For the Washington Post.... View Article
John Hopkins magazine - For an article: The Limits of Soft Power and the Necessity of Military Force.... View Article
Vancouver Magazine - A piece to accompany an article about decriminalizing drugs to help addicts for Vancouver Magazine.... View Article
The Guardian - The division that threatens to split the United States in two is not between red and blue states.... View Article
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Sign of Hope - Promotional piece about a sign of hope in America today.... View Article
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EU data security issues - A new illustration about EU data security issues for Politico.... View Article
Social Media Do’s and Don’ts - This is an unpublished piece that I created for Gawker, RIP, on the subject of using social media.... View Article
Cleveland Magazine - Donald Trump illustration for Cleveland Magazine.... View Article
Jay Z – - A portrait of Jay Z for View Article
Financial Times - Artwork for the Financial Times: Gambling on Brexit, will leaving put your money at risk?... View Article
The Guardian - This is an illustration for the Guardian newspaper about how minorities often have a hard time finding a thera... View Article
The Guardian - An illustration for the Guardian about the unwanted advances women have to deal with.... View Article
Commercial Observer - New cover art for the technology issue of the Commercial Observer.... View Article
Beyond the bean - New illustration for Beyond the Bean about soybean farmer partnerships.... View Article
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Connecticut College - New illustration for Connecticut College Magazine about the potential to overload our kids with activities.... View Article
Secret Trump voters for The Guardian - An illustration for The Guardian about secret Trump voters.... View Article
Cleveland Magazine - An illustration for Cleveland Magazine about the inequality divide.... View Article
Software in the Cloud - New illustration for the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business about software in the cloud.... View Article
Cleveland Magazine - An illustration for Cleveland Magazine about the lack of communication between residents and police.... View Article
Vancouver Magazine - New illustration for Vancouver Magazine about the ailing St. Paul’s hospital.... View Article
Lonely Planet: How to Survive Anything - Cover + 538 illustrations for Lonely Planet’s “How to Survive Anything” Read more about̷... View Article
Anonymous - New illustration about placing trust in the wrong anonymous source.... View Article
Variety - Illustration for Variety about how MMA fighters continue to fight through injuries for big paydays.... View Article
Sierra Magazine - This is a new spread for Sierra Magazine showing how corporate America is turning to renewable energy.... View Article
Globe and Mail - New piece for the Globe and Mail about a stroke victim’s experience. Read more about… Globe and Ma... View Article
Vancouver Magazine - Illustration for Vancouver magazine about making the decision to help strangers in need.... View Article
Gawker - Illustration for Gawker about failed fictional businesses.... View Article
The New York Times - Op-ed piece for the New York Times about a protected wilderness possibly becoming an open pit mine.... View Article
My Year in the NRA - New illustration for buzzfeed about a Newtown CT father’s year in the NRA in a post-Sandy Hook world. Re... View Article
The iPhone faithful - New illustration about the iPhone faithful, lining up at an NYC apple store weeks before the iPhone 6 release.... View Article
Vancouver Magazine - New piece for Vancouver Magazine about the booming industry of recycling food.... View Article
Sport Magazine - Cover illustration for Sport Magazine depicting the rise of Rory McIlroy.... View Article
Return of the Neighborhood School - New illustration for Houstonia Magazine about embracing schools closer to home.... View Article
Craigslist Crime - New illustration about the recent wave of crime via Craigslist.... View Article
Microsoft cutting 18k jobs - New illustration about how Microsoft is planning on cutting 18k jobs within the year.... View Article
The Ill-Informed - New illustration about the people who still perceive homosexuality as a curable illness.... View Article
Dummyproofing hot cars - New illustration about dummyproofing hot cars for irresponsible parents in the summer heat.... View Article
Bad Seed - Bad seed – a self promotional piece.... View Article
Vancouver Magazine - New illustration for Vancouver Magazine about the dangers of antibiotics in the poultry industry.... View Article
The Birth Control Divide - New piece illustrating the divide between Christian owned companies and a woman’s access to contraceptio... View Article
Variety – Studio Hits and Misses - New piece by Rob Dobi for Variety depicting studio execs stock rising and falling based on the success of thei... View Article
Dancing About Architecture - I recently illustrated a cover for The New York Observer depicting the new architecture popping up around NYC&... View Article
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