William Chajin
Bogota, Colombia
Mob: (57) 3102415481

Colombian artist with a background in traditional and digital illustration, as well as some knowledge in graphic design.

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Profile updated 5th September, 2022
Member since 25th February, 2015
Editions Musica Ferrum,24l/s productions,Tajalapiz editorial, Lara(short film), Segundos(short film), Volver(film project)Crab(film project)
Portfolio link: https://illo.cc/54471

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Identity book interior illustration - Interior illustration for Ourman book project Oil on paper... View Article
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The city: Illustration for Ourmen chapter 2 - One of the illustrations done for my latest project, Ourmen, a book written by Matthew Fried to be self-publis... View Article
Covid-19 - First image of a series I’m going to be working on related to the current situation in the world. If int... View Article
Insano album cover for Murga - My recent project, an oil painting for the Insano album cover artwork, for Colombian metal band Murga.... View Article
Darth Vader - Illustration I did for the art show at the Starfest Colombia... View Article
Bill and Steve jazz players - Part of a larger concept piece I did for East and West Entertainment. Final and some colour variations.... View Article
Sauron - I made this pice for a Tolkien tribute exhibition held in Fernando Soto Aparicio gallery in Bogota, Colombia.... View Article
Self 2 - New profile picture. I decided to go with a new approach on this one, oil on paper collage with some color ret... View Article
The Announcement 2 - Pages 3 to 5 for a prologue I did to participate in the Creators for Creators grant.... View Article
The Announcement - A two page splash for a five page prologue I did to participate in the Creators for Creators grant.... View Article
Hellboy - A Hellboy piece I did for “The Boy from Hell”, a Hellboy tribute exhibition run by tajalapiz in ce... View Article
Red fishes - I decided to put together an illustration with some of the drawings I did for Inktober. Print available at Soc... View Article
Inktober Death Fish - Some drawings from a small series I did for Inktober.... View Article
Monotype x-series - These are part of a series of 30 monotypes I have been working on. This personal project started out being jus... View Article
Stairs – private commission - I had a lot of fun working on this one, I really enjoy working in this style. The client gave me a lot of free... View Article
Le Chat - The first illustration of a noir story I am working on. Personal project.... View Article
Welcome to… - This illustration was made to be used as a cover and visual support to a movie script the client is working on... View Article
QB - A character design I did for a project that unfortunately never took off. Ink + digital colour... View Article
Tajalapiz - Last year I had the opportunity to be part of Editorial Tajalapiz’s first publication, a drawing and ske... View Article
Skull triptych - New personal work created with ink on paper.... View Article
In War 2 - Personal project. Oil on paper.... View Article
In War - Personal work oil on paper... View Article
Crab cover art - I was asked be my client to turn a poster I had done for him into a book cover. I used the poster as a base an... View Article
Gazza - I started this image for a client who backed out of the project, but decided to finish it anyway for my portfo... View Article
Maleficent - Some people had been asking me if I can work in photo-manipulation,so I made this sample image.... View Article
El Migas - A piece done for the inauguration event of El Migas beer in Bogota. Mixed media on wood. This version has some... View Article
Poem interlude - An illustration for a small poem, part of a movie script visualisation I’m working on. Ink on paper + di... View Article
Darth Maul - A Darth Maul piece made for Blank Wars, a collective exhibition held in Bogota last week. Ink on paper... View Article
The Dude - A few portraits of the Dude from the Big Lebowski movie. Ink on paper... View Article
Poemas y Anti-Poemas - An unpublished book cover I did a while ago. The image is available for licensing.... View Article
Crab poster/cover - I was commissioned by Ali Hamdoun to make a poster-like cover for his sci-fi script. Ink and digital.... View Article
Self-void - Personal work done in mixed media… Ink and oil on watercolour paper. It was a lot of fun working in this... View Article
Taja-lapiz 3 fairytales - Last week I had the opportunity of being part of Taja-lapiz 3 an illustration exhibition in Bogota, Colombia T... View Article