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Sean Counley
I love finding the character in a book cov...
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First commercial work through HAI came through within the first month! That is an excellent turn of events.

Sian Bowman
Based in the beautiful countryside of Here...
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This is a great community of artists. I feel so proud to be a member. Darren is incredibly helpful and quick to respond when I have any queries. I have worked on some great projects that have come directly through being a member.

Ginger Nielson
I am a full time Picture Book Author/Artis...
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Many of my clients come directly from HAI. The site is one of the best portfolio and all round gathering sites for employers and artists. The services the site offers are above and beyond any other hosting site.

Tijmen Ploeger
Tijmen Ploeger is an artist currently base...
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There are many pages where you can dump your link and get into the maze of work-searching co-illustrators. HAI is very different in this, behind this website they are constantly busy -in real life- to get you customers and it pays off. Probably the majority of illustrators on HAI are here since years, and that says something.

Felix Altréus
I’m a freelance illustrator and animator...
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I love the idea of "hire an illustrator" I dont think it's ever been easy to find job as an illustrator, and due to the large amount of people with great skills, it sure doesn't gets easier. With sites like Hai there is an opportunity to not only find work, but to get inspired by other people, and to develop. And by keep drawing and get connection with people there is a way to advance, and hopefully get even more work.

Sharnee Taylor
Sharnee Taylor is a Melbourne based Illust...
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I've had this site highly recommended by fellow illustrators.

Bradley Leeper
Painting and illustrating are my passion. ...
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I have known about and appreciated HAI for a long time. I actually was first published in the original Mail Me Art book and have been staying up to date with Little Chimp and HAI since.

Pete Underhill
Whether by accident, or design, I’ve man...
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Hire an Illustrator has brought me a broader client spectrum than I could have ever reached alone. As a consequence of my engaging with a more varied market and altering my approach accordingly, I'd say my work has improved. Thanks HAI!

Anna Platts
I am a freelance illustrator and designer ...
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I think HAI offers a brilliant platform for illustrators to showcase their work, alongside really good value services like postcard printing and distribution. The great folks behind it are always helpful and prompt in their replies to any queries. I have landed some of my best clients through HAI and consider it a vital resource in my constant search for new clients.

Jeff Miracola
I have been illustrating professionally fo...
Portfolio | Website has been an invaluable tool for my business. Having a portfolio of my work at this site has helped me reach a wider audience and has already more than paid for itself with the new commissions I've received. Thank you HAI for an awesome site and all the expanded services. The mail packs and printing service are a great example of forward thinking and one of the reasons HAI stands out from others.

James Beihl
I am an Art Educator and Commercial Artist...
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Its a great site that caters to serious clients. Ive had the pleasure of working for a few really great clients from here.

Mark Hammermeister
Mark Hammermeister is an award winning ill...
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HAI has been instrumental in sending new work my way. I recommend it highly.

Emma Russell
Hello, I’m Emma, a freelance illustrator...
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A client found me through my HAI portfolio for some illustrations for corporate videos. I am very pleased that they found me as the job was great fun and the client has hired me again for additional projects. All thanks to having a profile on HAI!

Simon Carr
I am a Freelance Illustrator and Senior Gr...
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Joining HAI was one of the best marketing decisions that I've made for my business so far.

Joanna Scott
Joanna has worked as an artist and illustr...
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I've had a a number of enquiries and one really great job through HAI, which more than paid for the yearly subscription.

Rebecca Solow
Since 2006 I have been a freelance illustr...
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HAI has allowed me to reach clients and markets that I would otherwise not have access to. Since joining I have expanded my client base and gotten projects ranging from print publications to projects in gaming, film, and even jewelry design. I enjoy being a part of the HAI community, and appreciate the hard work that goes into running the site - I look forward to many more years with HAI!

Gabriela Larios
Salvadorean illustrator and textile surfac...
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I think so far the service has been good! I am looking forward to be promoted and get more work through the Hire an Illustrator services.

Paul Shipper
Inspired from a very young age by the one ...
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Hire an Illustrator is definitely a community worth being associated with. These guys really care about us illustrator types and it really shows in what they do. Thanks Guys for creating HAI!

Stephen Stone
Stephen illustrates for both commercial an...
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Hireillo is run by passionate people who are passionate about illustration. I've received both support and queries and a single picture-book job that justifies the membership many many times over! It's worth being part of a community of like minded folks - so highly recommend Hireillo

Jennifer Albright
Digital illustrator from Southern Californ...
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When I began freelancing, I had no idea how to promote myself or reach out to art directors. Hai! took all the anxiety and guesswork out of the promo process. With Darren and Jane's help and personal touch, I'm finally getting the illustration jobs I always wanted.

Oguzhan Secir
Oguzhan Secir is a London based Illustrato...
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It's a very effective platform for illustrators. I've read positive feedbacks over internet about the site. I'll try and write my own in the the future.

Timothy Banks
Timothy is a professional artist that draw...
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HAI is an invaluable part of my illustration marketing. Having my portfolio listed with the other high quality work found on the site is a perfect calling card for clients. I love HAI!

Scott Monaco
Mr. Monaco brings 20 years in the Advertis...
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The attentiveness and commitment to members is refreshing and encouraging. It is apparent that this is a team who cares deeply. Like the many great artists here, it is a joy to be a part of such a wonderful resource for organizations seeking illustrations.

Gustavo Rabelo Landsmann
Hello there! I'm an illustrator with a foc...
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The service seems great, although I've never used it before.

Martin Beckett
I have been working as an illustrator for ...
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I love HAI, I find Darren and Jane extremely helpful and easy to deal with. I have only had a couple of jobs through HAI, but these have been solid quality jobs with no hassle and decent pay. I find having a presence on HAI to be absolutely necessary and am looking forward to getting my next job through them ;-)

Ken Dutton
Ken is a creative, collaborative freelance...
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Just starting the relationship... (but so far, so good)

Jason Piperberg
An illustrator, comic artist, and storytel...
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Hire an Illustrator has been an incredible boon to my business and put my work in front of clients who may not have found it otherwise. Since joining I've seen a definitive increase in work and income.

Imogen Fancourt
Imogen’s illustration uses tactile textu...
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Hire an Illustrator are a knowledgable, approachable and dedicated set of minds who will go above and beyond to offer advice and assistant to a broad range of artists. With regular opportunity for social media promotion, exhibition opportunities, and quick response time, Hire an Illustrator are a great way to gain some exposure and be part of an inclusive and diverse artistic network.

Vicky Scott
I'm a freelance Illustrator from London, c...
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Great website, really easy to use and update. Great for updating new and showing new work quickly and promotion. Very good personal service.

Tom Woolley
I’m a freelance illustrator based in Bir...
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Hire an Illustrator is vital for my illustration business. I've had lots of work and enquiries through HAI including a serial book publishing deal. HAI is easy to update and a fantastic marketing tool. I would highly recommend it for any freelance illustrators.

Magda Świtoń
I specialize in creating illustrations and...
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I have just started to using Hireillo but I think it is a great place to show my works and find clients. Also there are many usefull articles and really great support :)

Ian Ball
Ian Ball is an artist/illustrator from Bri...
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Hire an Illustrator is a great place to have a portfolio. It's good value for money and seems to be evolving quickly with lots of new features. It provides a place to release news and gain exposure and is the sole reason I landed one of my biggest jobs to date. As well as all that Darren and Jane are seemingly always available to ask questions and offer support. I'd be lost without it.

Lisa Wee
Lisa Wee, a debut author/Illustrator write...
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Fabulous and amazing platform for illustrators

Marc Osborne
Illustrator, Fine Artist, Graphic Shirt an...
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I feel that the staff tries very hard to create a welcoming experience for Illustrator and Client alike. Knowing that I have a network to publish my work makes me feel incredibly professional. Though in this downtime of work I wonder how my work's reach is, overall the response to articles is usually positive. If I had one arguement it would be to see some statistics for the response on a certain article, perhaps a hint to what demographic of design I should focus on. Overall, I enjoy the experience!

Tim Lord
Award Winning Freelance Artist / Illustrat...
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Hai is an excellent place for Freelancer's like me, I've had so many opportunities since I started here - I only wish I had joined sooner! Thanks Guys! X

Nadia Ronquillo
Nadia Ronquillo is an Ecuadorian content c...
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Just signed up but have received many positive comments on their services.

Neal McCullough
Hand Drawn Creative aka Neal McCullough ha...
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Great community of Illustrators! HAI supports you and helps project your creative output throughout all the major social media platforms. I got my first big job through HAI within a week of joining. I'm very pleased to be part of something good here.